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Rwanda Leads Africa in Tolerance and Environmental Protection

by Chris Ezeh

President Paul Kagame is the first African President to declare zero tolerance to injustice, human trafficking and domestic violence. The President said this while addressing women league during a national congress.

Rwanda has come anew from the genocide in 1994 caused by tribalism in which almost a million people were killed. Paul Kagame after assuming office had a national reconciliation where tribalism was eliminated and made everyone to see themselves just as Rwandans and not belonging to a particular tribe.

Who said Africa cannot make it? It is all about leadership. Perhaps the biggest advantage Mr Kagame had was a new breed of citizens whom he could easily instil discipline. His vision is made clear to all citizens and they all work together as a nation. Today Rwanda is one of the beautiful places and fast-growing economies with a high standard of living.

We will recall that in 2016 Rwanda’s capital, Kigali was declared by United Nations as the Most beautiful city in Africa and the third greenest city in the world.



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