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Apology Not Enough For Africa

by Chris Ezeh

By Dr. TIMOTHY OLADELE GOLD, fcpdm, fispn

The etymology of the word “Africa” is fundamental in the treatise   Understanding the source of the name of the continent named “third world” and derogatorily described dark is not trivial. “Africa” name was given to a continent that currently accommodates 1,340,598,147 inhabitants which are found not to be abstract. Africa got its name from Greek lexicon “Aphrike’ which directly, without transliteration, means ” the land without cold and horror’. While another version “Africa” translates as “Sunny”.

Archaeological facts and paleontological evidence show that specie Homo Sapiens originated from (Africa East Africa) over 4000,000 years and the modern human Homo Sapiens Sapiens, as well came from Africa from the same eastern Sub Saharan region well over 200,000 years ago. The discovery of relics from paradisiacal Garden of Eden in the Kalahari Desert is a significant and monumental milestone in the history of Africa. The Garden was discovered same time with Lake Makgadikgadi with fluvial resources from Namibia down to Botswana and Zimbabwe. This resulted in the formation of wetland that subsequently brought about agricultural activities within the first human community.

Sadly, a continent that is reputed für being the cradle of civilization and technology, courtesy of the advantages offered by the Nile River in Egypt is groaning and trudging to come out of the socio-economic quagmire. The Afrophobes may be less conscious of several scientific and Archaeological facts about the African continent. These haters of African should know, it is scientifically proven that the black skin which they ignorantly equate to the colour of the devil is rich in melanin; the source of amino acids and tyrosine. Eumelanin-rich skin of Africans and all dark-skinned people worldwide protect the human tissue and DNA from the adverse effects of the scorching sun.

The effects of undue discrimination against dark-skinned people is embedded in sheer ignorance: This tremendously devastating acts of discrimination has been keeping men and women both black and white, all over the World, in a perpetual struggle with structural ethnicism and inferiority complex.

Meanwhile, anthropology does not wallow in the colour of the skin; instead, emphasis rests more on proved evolution of humanity through the examination of antique discoveries that involve ethnogenesis. It is the adaptation controls the factors for differences in human existence in a given habitat. The kinky and wiggly hair protecting the skull from abundant sunshine is in no sense inferior to the narrow nose or curled hair protecting our cousins from snow and cold in the west.

Indeed, the biodiversity of Africa and the problems facing Africa cannot be seen in isolation. The task of weathering the storm of the slave trade: an event of the 14th century, which lasted over 400 years and saw over 120 Million Africans captured, humiliated and subsequently transported into perpetual servitude and the consequent imperialism and neo-colonization which bedevil the continent till this moment, is arduous.

Africa that was accused of human rituals, a practice that was not universal, not pronounced as it was not regular immolation, however, made a saint by the genocidal act of Adolf Hitler, who gruesomely killed over six millions of Jews. Neither this cruelty nor genocidal crimes of Milosevic against Moslem Serbs in former Yugoslavia were African originated.It is imperative at this juncture to illuminate the gloomy terrain that perpetually keeps the glory of Africa in obscurity.

Unfortunately, many Anglomaniacs never believe that Africans ever contributed to the scientific and technological advancement of the world. Philip Emeagwali, with the sobriquet, “Father of Internet” A Nigerian from Igbo extraction whose name has been written in Gold is a trailblazer and a notable world-class scientist. Gladly, Africans are doing well in every facet of life, which does not exclude discoveries—Africans pioneer in several fields and human endeavours.

Many Africans in diaspora and Africans resident in African have proved to the world that technology is not skin compliant! Unfortunately, the efforts of these giants and giantesses are not hyped in the Western Media. Arthur Zang, a Cameroonian engineer, exquisitely invented a mobile medical computer to diagnose heart disease. Verone  Mankou from the Republic of Congo invented the Way-C tablet reputed ad the first African iPad. Ludwick Marishane from South Africa developed unprecedented Dry Bath in the world.

Adebola, Abiola, Toyin and Eniola teenagers from Nigeria invented urine power generator. 25 Students of Makerere University Uganda produced an electric car named Kiira EV. African religion was scandalized by slave traders that turned the placid humans to merchandise with the view to sowing the seed of a new faith into the hearts of the people having enslaved them for centuries.

Without any bigotry, the virtual simultaneity of foreign religious order and slave trade puzzles the hearts of pensive thinkers leaving some questions unanswered.

Tony Blair a former British Prime Minister in his meeting with former Ghanaian a president, John Kufuor said ” I have said we are sorry and I say it again. (It is important) to remember what happened in the past, to condemn it and say why it was entirely unacceptable.”

To be continued…

Dr Timothy Oladele Gold
is a journalist, pan-Africanist and doctoral fellow institute of business development and corporate communication professionals.



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