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What Every Nigerian Must Know About Open Grazing

by Chris Ezeh

 What most Nigerians don’t know is that there’s an existing law against open grazing in Nigeria. It’s high time for all states in Nigeria to put this law into practice.

Hon.Justice Adewale Thompson’s 1969 Judgment on Open Cattle Grazing – Suit no AB/26/66.

“I do not accept the contention of Defendants that custom exists which imposes an obligation on the owner of the farm to fence his farm while the owner of cattle allows his cattle to wander like pests and cause damage. Such a custom if it exists, is unreasonable and I hold that it is repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience and therefore unenforceable…in that it is highly unreasonable to impose the burden of fencing a farm on the farmer without the corresponding obligation on the cattle owner to fence in his cattle.” The sequence to that I banned open grazing for it is inimical to peace and tranquillity and the cattle owners must fence or ranch their animals for peace to reign in these communities.”

Hon.Justice Adewale Thompson: 17th April 1969. Suit no AB/26/66 at Abeokuta Division of the High Court.

Please share to create awareness since am sure nobody appealed against this decision, so it’s law, and any open grazing is a violation of the law.


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