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German Foreign Missions Reject More African Visa Applications

by Chris Ezeh

Last year showed a rise in German visa application rejections from foreigners.
The visa-rejection rate rose again last year. The German foreign Missions rejected most applications from African countries. The German left-Wing Party has condemned the “flat-rate” visa-denial practice.

While the rejection rate was 6.7 percent in 2016, it rose to 8.5 percent last year. These numbers have been communicated to the Foreign Office on a request from the left-wing group, said a group spokesman on Thursday in Berlin. He confirmed a report of the “Rheinische Post”. In 2015, the ratio was 6.1%.  According to Statistics Germany rejects more visa applications especially from African countries. New figures indicate 17,000 visas were granted to Iraqis and Syrians on family-reunification grounds.

According to our reliable sources, visa-application rejections in foreign German diplomatic missions topped the list from African countries and also from main countries of origin of most refugees in Germany. According to this sources, negative decisions were given to almost 43 percent of applications from Nigeria, 40 percent to applications from Angola, 36 percent to Iraqi and 28 percent rejection to Afghan applicants.  A total of 2.4 million visas were approved last year by the German diplomats compared to 2016, with 2.1 million applications granted.
The Left-wing Member of German Parliament Sevim Dağdelen criticized the unjustified general rejection of visiting visas even in cases where invitations and binding letters of guarantee required to cover all costs were presented.

“The constant assumption of a lack of so-called readiness to return is now a pretext for general visa denial” The deputy faction leader added, “The federal government could instil credibility and justice through simple, clear issue of instructions to its foreign diplomats to stem the “flat-rate” visa-denial practice”.

Sevim Dağdelen – German Left Wing Party

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