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Do You Know What Innercising Means?


Innercise is defined as science-proved method to train and strengthen one´s mental and emotional skills.

Innercise builds on the Power within You
The latest scientific research says we can change our life by changing our thinking modes. For many years, scientists believed that the brain was a static, hard-wired organ, but recent study of Neuroplasticity has revealed otherwise.

Our brain is constantly in regeneration or degeneration process daily, depending on the modes we switch it on. A study published in Clinical Psychology Review says, if you practice a variety of specific brain-related activities you have chance to transform your health, finances, career and relationships. NeuroGym is using the latest brain science to achieve positive, lasting changes and creating the dreams we all yearn for. These brain-retraining process is called Innercise or Innercising.

Become More Successful:
We all know this feeling …
Feeling we ´re capable of achieving more, but somehow, despite how hard we try we never get to our goals! The question is why? The answer is our brain is in the way.

NeuroGym use the latest brain science to assist you find those mental or emotional blockages keeping you away from success. By reprogramming your brain you will learn to go beyond the edge of your potential. You will discover a more fulfilling you by achieving more success.

Here is an example on weight loss to demonstrating how brain-reprogramming works. We all know how full the internet is with information on dieting and weight loss. Results of new scientific studies shows that our mind set on losing weight naturally might help keep overweight away from us

Overweight May Endanger our Health.

Looking at the number of obese people in worldwide, “diets” have failed miserably. Obesity has often been linked to brain dysfunction and now scientists are wonder on the effects of this link for our behavioural patterns.

There is one tiny part of our brain which looks like a pea pod. It’s called the hippocampus. It has the function to cater for memory.

A study in the UK revealed that very high BMIs went hand-in-hand with poor “episodic” memories of events that transpired in the past. Psychologically, this could make you more likely to eat when you’re not hungry. If you clearly remember your lunch, you might think twice before mindlessly grabbing a bag of chips from your bag.

If you forgot the big, juicy, tasty and filling) burger you just had three hours ago, you may see a big cake, cola or muffin and just go for it (although you’re not hungry)!

Mind-set Shift Tip:
Pay very close attention to what and how much you eat.
Next time when you start craving for unhealthy meal, just try to recall in detail the last delicious crunchy, fruity, whole grain cereal you had for breakfast.  Thereafter – try and see if you’re still hungry.


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