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Why Join EuroAfrica Media Network?

by Chris Ezeh

Membership in EuroAfrica Media Network is a symbolic indication of a devoted common interest and burning desire to work for a positive image for Africa in the western media, the commitment to African development projects of the EAMN and a deep concern/ understanding for the geo-political and socio-economic problems of the developing nations of the African Continent. The EAMN can only tackle these tasks if armed with the necessary financial backing.

Your subscription only reaffirms your devotion and strong will to support the cause of the EuroAfrica Media Network. All active members are therefore expected to be active subscribers and only active subscribers can work for the EAMN. People who wish only to serve as volunteers for the EAMN are exempted from this rule.

Why you should Register in EuroAfrica Media Network?
Your MEMBERSHIP in EAMN entitles you a lot of privileges:
1) First, most of the services we offer are free but cost/time intensive: Therefore, your membership helps keep this project alive.

2) You are automatically premium subscriber for our Magazine. This entitles you unlimited right and free access to all our online services which are not open to the public.

3) Registration for our various projects is for active members FREE and will entitle them full access to content and rebates for the various services provided by the EuroAfricaCentral Network.

4) All active membership means paid MEMBERSHIP – to EAC Projects and this entitles you automatically active subscription status. You save money and donˊt need therefore to subscribe extra to our Magazine.
Summary of EACN Membership Advantages
Affordable yearly subscription fee
Free access to all EAMN websites
Free access in our FindPartner Section
Free access to all EAMN Magazine contents
Rebates on prices for Web Design Projects
Rebates for entry in the EAMN Network Directory
Registered Members get our hotline Telephone Counselling and Support.
Free access to information on EACN Immigrants FREE Medical Support

Plus Free Downloads: African Music, African Traditional Music, African Films, Comedies etc, Documents (WinWord & PDF) on Multi-Cultural Themes, African Names, African recipe, Cooking tips, Photos and Images, Comics and Jokes, Cartoons.

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