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Envision Tomorrow Today: Join Great Minds, Share Concepts & Solutions


Why is this organization called “The EuroAfrica Media Network”?
Way back in 2004 when we started the EAMN, we had in mind, the future development of the human communication. In 2004, we witnessed many Africans still living in the industrial ages instead of making moves to join the new digital age.

We saw many people in their respective businesses, still using, telephone, land post and faxes instead of email and websites to save costs etc. We also noticed a big migration movement of Africans living Africa as a result of poverty and political instability and moving to western countries. In a nutshell, the period between (1990 -2010) saw an enormous increase in the population of Africans in western diaspora.

At the same time, we saw many who failed to use modern communication technology which internet offers to supplement traditional communication to bridge the “time and place” gaps and thereby save money and time. Instead, they still placed lots of hopes in town meetings and direct face-to-face contacts to inform each other, create awareness or in launching community help. Few realized the importance of online meetings, creating donations via online facilities like PayPal etc. Summarily to boost individual and business development and skills via the use of websites /online shops and other online facilities like; forums, virtual classrooms, online training, webinars, emails were then in 2004, not popular: Still TODAY in 2020, these themes remain “Terra Incognita” for most Africans.

We set out therefore in 2004 to change all that. We started with an Online Magazine (EuroAfrica Magazine Online www.euroafricanews.com), to inform and educate, then we started creating websites (www.ezehweb.com), we launched offline and online intercultural seminars and health awareness training (www.euroafricamedia.eu) etc. for Africans and our other users.

For example, the importance of our intercultural training and health mediation project was confirmed in 2015 when Europe was hit by serious refugee crisis.  At the EuroAfrica Media Network we work ahead of time and try to create solutions for unborn and unseen problems. As a result of this policy our projects and services are always one decade ahead and today in demand more than ever.

In 2004, we knew that the winners of the future will be those who arm themselves with all old and new technologies connected to the above named themes. If you therefore analyse all the issues raised above you will realize that the importance of EuroAfrica Media Network is today more actual and relevant than ever.

Today CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC has made it clear that our normal survival cannot completely do without digitalization and our World will never be the same thereafter. Our vision to use online facilities and digitalization processes to ease living has now been confirmed by the present crisis. We see more boost in online businesses, video-streaming softwares, online conferencing and webinars.

Envision Tomorrow Today: Join Great Minds, Share Concepts & Solutions JOIN US NOW TO BRING OUR VISION TO THE GRASSROOTS –
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We are expanding at EuroAfrica Media Network and need urgently REPS for:  Australia Brazil, Cameroun, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Congo, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Japan, Hong Kong, Honduras, Libya, Gambia, Sao Tome, Senegal, Malta and Cyprus, Nigeria, New Zealand Norway, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and USA
Volunteer REPS can apply below or send mail to:  info@euroafricamedia.eu

How Volunteers can join EAMN Project: See the link below

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