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UN International Day of Peace Held in Abuja Nigeria


Report By Chris Opara  EAC Network, Abuja – Nigeria – The Great Euroafrica-Magazine Online nominee, Chief Charles Chibo (CCC),at the National Peace Building convocation presented the keynote lecture at this year’s international day of peace held on the 21st September, 2013 at the grand lounge of the National merit award House, maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

He was also conferred with the covetous International Ambassador for peace Award of the Universal peace Federation, an agency with consultative status at United Nations economic and solid council for his contributions toward youth development, emancipation and empowerment.

An erudite scholar, educator and international human resource manager, bothered in his paper presentation on the UN Secretary General Peace day theme – Education for peace. His keynote speech was “the role of education in building a culture of peace and fostering global citizenship”.

The international day of peace offers an opportunity to “pause, reflect and consider how best to break the vicious cycle of violence that conflict creates,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in announcing this year’s observance. The theme for 2013 is education for peace. It is not enough to teach children how to read, write and count. Education has to cultivate mutual respect for others and the world in which we live, and help people to create more just, inclusive, and peaceful societies.

Religious leaders offered insights into the importance of interfaith harmony in promoting national integration and development. The role of women in family education was discussed by Ms Ukpeme N., Lead Counsel for La Paix solicitor and Assistant General Secretary of the Abuja Branch of the international federation of women Lawyers.

Political, national, racial, and religious divide render Nigeria’s religious and other institutions ineffectual in dealing with crises such as violence, poverty, family breakdown, HIV/AIDS, and widespread corruption. UPF, therefore, presents a vision of hope that, as a people with a common aspiration for peace. Nigerians can work together to provide solutions and adequately deal with these issues and creates a better nation and world for our children.
Other resource persons also presented their papers.

The event recorded great participants from the United Nations office, Defense top ranks Professors, Academia, Bureaucrats of government, Directors of industries, Students, and the Civil Society. The event was graciously entertained by the blessed children concert group of the Family Federation for World Peace (FFWP).

Partners in the celebration included the National Unity and Peace Corps (UNPEC), and supported by Family Federation for World Peace (FFWP), The Great Euroafrica-Magazine Online, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and African Independent Television (AIT) etc.

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