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Oh Nigeria! Voices from The Diaspora

by Chris Ezeh

This special message was published a few years ago. Today the theme of this text is still very relevant than ever. The Great EuroAfrica-Magazine Online and prominent Nigerians in Diaspora, concerned more than ever about the perpetual, general socio-economic degeneration in Nigeria, wishes to remind the power holders in Nigeria on the need to listen and react to the wishes of the masses that gave them the mandate. These leaders should once more, remember that these calls and remind for responsibility and sense of purpose have long been song by Fela Ransome Kuti and Sonny Okosun. Today, we have a fresh, heart-touching echo of same remind from across the Atlantic, from two concerned Nigerians:

Prof. Olu Oguibe and Ogor Winnie Okoye calling on all Nigerians to work towards a different dream, a different possibility, a different promise and goal based on the will to build, to aspire, to accomplish, to serve the present and secure the future for the generations yet unborn. Nigeria is thirsty for a sustained change and development!

By Prof. Olu Oguibe
Twenty-four years ago this day, September 30, I arrived Britain on a much unanticipated journey, having left Nigeria the previous night disillusioned and heartbroken, yet inexplicably hopeful that soon all tides would turn, and I’d return where the earth still holds my umbilical cord.
Sadly, over the years, this passport brought not renewed hope but deeper despair, not pride or joy but unspeakable pain.

Tomorrow, October 1, I will return what is Caesar’s to Caesar, along with my formal renunciation of Nigerian citizenship, and like twenty-four years ago, a whole new chapter in my life will begin.
I hope to work toward a different dream, a different possibility, a different promise based on the will to build, to aspire, to accomplish, to serve the present and secure the future for the generations yet unborn. I hope to live long enough to see that fulfilled. But if that promise should fail to come true in my lifetime, I am glad to choose the dream over a nightmare.

Ogor Winnie Okoye
A situation where most people are motivated by greed and selfishness is the perfect garden for atrocities of all sorts to not only germinate but thrive! People become desensitized on issues related to core moral values that you’re almost forced to ask yourself if you are losing your mind and fussing for nothing when that thing seems perfectly normal to a vast majority. Right remains right and wrong remains wrong irrespective of the number of people behind the right or the wrong.

The BokoHaram situation in Nigeria weighs so heavily on my mind this morning. More than 40 students who were sleeping on their beds were senselessly murdered in their sleep by these Muslim fundamentalists in the name of God knows what! Too much innocent bloods have been spilled on that geographical land mass and these innocent souls will one day cry out for justice like they have already in my honest estimation started doing!.

There will be a gargantuan implosion that will affect everyone, even people who think it is not their business will suddenly realize the inter-connectivity of the human species and that a wrong done to one is a wrong done to all. Why can’t these evil people who operate so brazenly be flushed out? Why? Why?. . .WHY? Only lights can smoke out evil. . .we are failing abysmally today because the thick black smoke of evil continues to prevail in our land.

Turn on your heart lights and embrace LOVE; then begin this movement of smoking out evil in the land. That is the only hope for Nigeria.. . .our Nigeria,. . . . . .my Nigeria. Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyous new week and month!

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