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The Prologue and epilogue of Despotism: You Can Only Credit What You Earned.

by Chris Ezeh

No matter how despots try to suppress, kill or bury Human Rights, in the end, they never succeed!! All despots in history have always had same “Achilles heels”. Despots forget that the truth always reigns supreme. They forget too that the best credentials any ruler should aspire to have (before, during and after his tenor of office) are: His good name, humility and credibility. Do you know of any dictator whoever made his country great through tyranny and autocracy?

Those who still read know that all dictators in World History only brought to their people destruction, misery and chaos and finally their downfall and derision.  It must have become gradually very clear to most Nigerians that “Buhari’s Change Regime” has turned out to be, a “Change Whirlwind” of the “worst nightmare-civilian administration” Nigerians have seen in the past 20 years. Maybe enough is not yet enough. Nigerians are not stupid. They are watching and history and observers are taking notes.

The World is watching the actions of a few “elected representatives of Nigerians” repetitively kicking at the freedom of speech without remorse… thereby displaying glaringly their disdain for democratic principles and human rights in Nigeria. These actions can no longer be swept under the carpet in a government, under a leader who once told us in a speech that “Nigerians do not have another country other than Nigeria”.

This regime needs an immediate inward reflection for its activities and responsibilities to the electorates. One issue must be clear to every elected officeholder: In the end, you can only credit what you earned.

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