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EuroAfrica Media Network: Best Channel to Reach Positive-Thinking Africans & Europeans


EuroAfrica Media Network was founded in 2004. It is a worldwide Network of specially-selected top professionals from various fields, working with internet technology to solve socio-economic disparity, increase health, communication and intercultural competence across all cultures worldwide. The Network serves the interests of Africans and Europeans. EuroAfrica Media Network promotes health awareness, intercultural understanding and societal peaceful coexistence and tolerance through our great and successful Seminars namely: 

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EuroAfrica Media Network has a Magazine too, The EuroAfrica News-Magazine Online, which is Africa´s first bilingual megaphone, and online magazine publishing successfully 24/7 with headquarters in Hamburg Germany since 2004.    The Network was founded in 2004 by a trained and experienced Journalist, health professional and certified intercultural health mediator Chris Ifeanyi Ezeh.

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If you like what EuroAfrica Media Network is doing and would you like to support us in any way, or send eyewitness accounts/well-documented news reports or articles, please contact us via: editor@euroafricanews.com – Follow us on our Facebook page: EuroAfrica Media Network

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