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Shame for Western Media Coverage on Africa

by Chris Ezeh

Western Media nonchallancy to media coverage of killing of almost 150 students of the Garissa University Kenya, on Thursday 02.04.2015, by Somali al-Shabab militants is a shame.

The difference said observers, “is clear, Hebdoe vs Boko Haram 2000 killings in Nigeria, German Wings vs 147 Killings in Kenya and nobody is outraged in Europe and in Western Countries?” Al-Shabab gunmen attacked a college campus in the town of Garissa in northeast Kenya on Thursday, killing at least 147 people in a bloody attack on students, authorities said. Masked men burst into the Garissa University College in the early morning raid and reportedly singled out Christian students, separating them from Muslim peers before murdering them. Hours after the assualt began, security forces stormed the campus building in a bid to rescue the remaining hostages.

After the raid, Kenya’s National Disaster Operations Centre tweeted: “The operation at Garissa University College has ended, with all four terrorists killed.” It said 147 fatalities had been confirmed in the attack. The center later added that 587 students had been evacuated, 79 with injuries. “All students have been accounted for,” the Disaster Operations Centre tweeted.

Witnesses earlier reported explosions and heavy gunfire rocking the university complex as armed men stormed the building. Ambulances were seen driving injured students to local hospitals. Terrified students streamed out of buildings, some men shirtless, as arriving police officers took cover, witnesses said.

Even as security forces cornered the gunmen in a dorm where they could be holding hostages, survivors described a harrowing scene, where people were mercilessly gunned down and bullets whistled through the air as people ran for their lives.

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