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New Yam Festival in Hamburg

by Chris Ezeh

The African New Yam Festival has in recent times gained entry and substantial admirers not only among  people of African descent in Europe, (The EuroAfricans) but far beyond this group-horizon. One of the groups promoting this positive trend is The Association of Orlu indigenes living in Hamburg Germany.
The Association celebrated recently the New Yam Festival in Hamburg. The event which assumed an exceptional grand status featured the best of the Igbo Culture East of the Niger-River, in its greatest cultural vigour and buoyancy. .

Our research writer Nwachukwu Ifeanyi Ndubuto, Summarises below the cultural significance of The New Yam Festival in Igboland: The third quarter of every year witnesses a whole of cultural activities  in South eastern Nigeria.The most significant in this period is the New Yam Festival when most Igbo communities remain in a festive mood in  commemoration of the new yam

Igbos are known for their age-long tradition of celebrating the new yam; a thanksgiving festival of some sort that precedes the consumption of the new yam. New yam festival, popularly called “Iri-ji” in Igbo Language, is a unifying factor among the people and has festive scale that is comparable to the Christian Christmas celebration.
People from far and wide throng to their various communities to partake in the celebration. There is also preponderance of masquerading with its attendant display of multifarious dance groups and cultural societies. These activities are scheduled based on their connections and significance with the traditional Igbo calendar: Eke, Orie, Nkwo and Afor which equally represent market days in Igboland.  Besides being the intrinsic essence of the festival “Iri- ji”. it is a period of enjoyment, merriment and importantly, a celebration of culture.

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