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Meet the EuroAfrica Media Network Team

by Chris Ezeh
Chris Ezeh

Chris Ezeh – BA (Hons) Journalism & Mass Communication

Chris is the founder/CEO of the EuroAfrica Media Network and Chief Editor and publisher of The EANews  Online. He is a graduate of Mass Communication and Medical/Health Science. His Portal, the EuroAfrica Media Network  has its headquarters in Hamburg Germany. He worked briefly as a Journalist in Nigeria.  Later he worked for the International Cultural Youth Exchange Programme(ICYE) Germany. He qualified in 1999 as an Intercultural Health Mediation expert in Germany. Currently his portal is the result of a combination of his journalistic and health skills.  As an activist journalist, medical professional and environmental protectionist, he is unrelenting in the creation and piloting of projects, promoting the EuroAfricaCentral Network using seasoned discussions, researched presentations etc. as a tool to address social, environmental and health problems in Africa, and ethnic discrimination and media bias in Europe.

EAMN welcomes 2 new Volunteers
With great joy EuroAfrica-Magazine Online wishes to welcome our new dedicated Volunteer Shahidah Foster from Stockbridge United States She holds a B.S. in Integrative Studies from Clayton State University and Associates of General Studies from Columbia College. She also has Certificate in TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Global Leadership College, Ontario Canada and a Language Certificate from Goethe Institut, New York. In her acceptance comments she said “I would love to volunteer my time to support your company in translation services. I am happy to learn you have approved my Volunteer application for the EuroAfricaCentral Network Online Services. I look forward to donating my time to help in anyway to support your organization”.

Dania Joins Our EACN Team:
We also welcome with great happiness, our second volunter to join in May, 2014 EuroAfrica-Magazine Online, our new dedicated Volunteer from Hamburg
She is a final year student of Business Administration in Hamburg. On her intention to help at EACN: “I like to switch between English and German a lot and love to e.g. read novels in English as well.Translating or proofreading (especially from English to German) would give me a lot of satisfaction and joy.”
Dana has been working very hard since she joined the EACN Team middle of May 2014. We are very proud of her contibution in our great Network

Jessie Bawak Ayamoh
EuroAfricaCentral Network´s Correspondent and Coordinator for Cameroon
Since March 2007 Jessie has been very diligent in her involvement in EACN activities. Besides her contribution to EACN, she also works for the Spectrum Television Douala Cameroun as socio-economic reporter and anchor lady. Jessie heard about the special EACN projects – including EuroAfrica-Magazine Online, the only international African online magazine in both German and English to be published in Europe – through the General Manager of MACACOS, a printing press in Douala who mentioned EAC magazine to her. On her reason for joining us, she said “I want to improve my knowlegde and maximise my writing potential so that I can be a reference.”

Grace Hughes – BA (Hons) English & German, DipTransIoLET, MCIL
Translator for EuroAfricaCentral Network
Grace is from London and is one our new team members. Explaining why she chose our project, this is what she said about herself: “I currently work as a freelance translator, and I would like to use my translation skills to make a positive difference in the world. Since visiting Africa as a child and India in adulthood, I have developed an interest in international development and am passionate about using my professional skills where they can help others. I want to broaden my knowledge about Africa and develop my skills further, while helping to spread the word about the Africa which we don’t tend to hear about in the western world.”

Sekou Sesay is EuroAfricaCentral Network Project Coordinator Bremen North Germany: 

Sekou discovered EACN via U-Tube, said this about himself: “I  am 32 years old African from Liberia. I have been living in Bremen Germany since 2002 and I have two kids.  I am very impress ed by the life and philosophy of Malcolm X… how he managed to educate himself and move on standing for injustice , I will to everything I can to help my continent ..for example – recruiting members spreading t he message and any thing necessary. I am verymotivated and interested in developing Africa. It hurts me anytime I see my continent on TV I see no good images and this is the reason for disrespect to word African at our different working places or somewhere else in the west. Th ere fore,  I am motivated to work harder, to do the best I can in oprder to bring the necessary change to the face of Africa.”

Sabine Fendl – BA (Hons) Languages Translator for EuroAfricaCentral Network 
Sabine Fendl is a qualified professional translator with a state certified BA degree in foreign languages and correspondence. She is a sworn translator at the regional court of Landshut, Germany. Born in Germany and aged 27, she told us that languages are her passion. As she puts it , “I am dedicated to making change! I am a German native speaker and I hope to contribute to the progress of EACN activities in Europe using my translation skills, with a focus on medical translations. I am interested in supporting your network through my professional volunteer translations.” Sabine, who discovered the EACN on the Internet, added that she would primarily like to offer English to German translation services for the EuroAfricaCentral Network.
Christine Skambo Morrison Correspondent & Project Coordinator for both Federal Capital Territory (FCTAbuja) and Nigeria
Christine has a bachelor’s degree in public administration and a diploma in social work. She is married and has two children. In her words, “We are both involved in Gilali ministry: a ministry mainly involved in charity, sports development, music, outreach, reaching out to the less privileged, and helping widows. This ministry has founded a basketball academy designed to teach basketball, morals and education. I also have a music album to my credit, titled ‘As the deer pants for water.’ I love meeting people and sharing about God’s love, giving them hope. My strongest philosophy is giving life and hope to others as much as possible. I want to be involved to meet people, be a part of a team that aspires to make people appreciate themselves, foster peace and understanding, irrespective of ethnic identity and colour.”

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