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Letˊs put your Special Event Online

by Chris Ezeh

When your event is published on EuroAfrica News Online
Then, you have informed Africans and friends of Africa world-wide.
We cover and publish your special events: Meetings, Weddings,  Launchings, Seminars, Cultural events etc When we cover your events you can be sure that our reportage will be read world-wide and your special event stored in our data base: You can always access it by giving in the key words in the search button on the front page of our website. Through this way, you have an unlimited access to your special reported event including videos, audio data and photo images which can easily be sent via e-mail to friends and well wishers.

Why advertise with the us?
Reasons abound why you should consider giving your event or organization an international coverage through the EuroAfrica Media Network. The following considerations bring the point home:

Unique web presence… The EuroAfrica Media Network is the only  international media organisation with two Online Magazines dedicated to the campaign agains the perpetual misrepresentation of Africa in the Western media seasoned with broad-based African matters including events, community, travel, news, Research and Health (as covered by sites in our portal) .

Specialised audience… People with an interest in Africa, and people of African heritage – as well as web-surfers interested in specific content such as cooking, cultural reviews, travel, music, African traditional medicine and modern health research issues.

Growing audience… Since its birth in May 2004, the site has grown to an organisation whose philosophies have found admirers and strong believers regardless of creed, region, colour or race in more than 45 countries of the World today: According to our present record, The EAC attracts around 10,000 hits per day – 12,500 at peak times – and these statistics are on the rise as each week passes.

Affordable advertising… Internet advertising is economical compared to traditional media advertising and, and at EAC, our prices take into consideration the special situation of our audience We offer a one-month-rebate period, businesses can ‘test the market’ before committing to an annual rate.The EAC started with one website and has grown today to a full-fledged portal offering diverse online services

FREE business listing:
Certain categories of business listings are FREE for at least three months (this includes African-related restaurant listings, venue listings and some other items). After this, we may have to review this policy, depending on site maintenance costs – however we will notify you prior to the three-month expiry date if this is the case. Please send any listings (including contact phone and email to us.

Regular business listings are adverts that don’t fit in the ‘free’ category – including Business name, description, contact details and URL (if available) are available at a low €30 for three months! Please send any listings (including contact email and phone if possible) to:

Attract more attention with banner ads:
Banner ads – whether simple or colourful – can be extremely effective ways to get your message out. Examples of banner ad sizes are outlined below. Smaller banner ads (depending on type and location) start at a low €30 a month! For further details or for a special advertising package,

Click here – to add/advertise your organization 


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