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Corona Denial and Thinking Plague: What it Does to Us

by alika1000
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A Report From a Medical Doctor in a Hospital

I am being insulted and threatened for reporting my daily life in the intensive care unit during the Corona pandemic. Now I am taking the consequences. Recently, I had to limit the comments on my Twitter account. I would like to explain why here: I am a specialist in anaesthesia, work as an intensive care physician in NRW and am also active as such on Twitter. ARD and ZDF have verified me through a source check. I know some of the doctors on Twitter personally and have also worked with some of them. This does not stop some from doubting that I am a doctor at all.

All I have been doing for the last few months is reporting what is happening in our ward and how we are doing. I have reported on cases of dogs. Of people who have begged me for help with panic in their eyes and full of breathing difficulties. About last calls, desperate calls, and the search for free, maintainable and suitable intensive care beds. About what death does to us. About what remains when the monitor is switched off. About the senselessness of watching unvaccinated people die, who would most certainly still be alive if they had been vaccinated? I am a doctor and report on my everyday life on Twitter. It’s a bit of mental hygiene, I can let off steam there, but I also find like-minded people there. Together you are less alone. Before Corona, only a few people were interested in it. Now it’s different.

The phenomenon of the “mental plague:
For some people, the experiences they report are unpleasant and disturbing. They feel frightened by my reports because I am telling them something different from their donation-whoring priests on Telegram who tell them about the pharmaceutical mafia, DNA manipulation and 5G. Because what I and others report must not be accurate, we are attacked. So for me, it’s not a single tweet without “A new report has come in about @narkosedoc.” And this has been going on for weeks now. Now, for the first time, I’ve had to restrict who can reply to my tweets because contrarians want to use the reach for themselves. The comments contain a potpourri of confused thoughts from people who suffer from #thinkplague and don’t notice it themselves. Who doesn’t notice their own confusion – like people who stink of sweat but can’t smell it themselves?

I don’t threaten anyone, but I am threatened.

Who, among others, accuse Dr Marc Hanefeld (@Flying__Doc), Dr Natalie Grams-Nobmann (@NatalieGrams) and me of being part of a marketing agency, which means that we have certainly been bought. Because that way it fits better into their worldview because then they don’t have to deal with the uncomfortable and complex reality. I am a simple doctor, and I can no longer appear here under clear names because then I would have to fear for the health of my family.

What kind of freedom is that? Do you realise who is threatening whom here?
I don’t sell anything, I don’t even beg for donations like the apostles of the apocalypse in the Telegram channels. I don’t threaten anyone, I just report on my daily life. My everyday life as a doctor in a hospital. That (!) scares people so much that they’d rather muzzle me than admit what’s going on. I can only imagine what would happen if I appeared at such a demonstration of lateral thinkers. Do you realise what is happening here? What are these people doing to us? How are they injecting poison into society and blaming us – the sensible majority?

Thinking outside the box used to be a good thing:
They use harmless, euphemistic words and taint them forever. Thinking outside the box used to be something commendable. Fresh ideas, “thinking outside the box” – as my PhD supervisor used to say. Today, when someone asks me, “Are we going for a walk?” I cringe at the question. What happens to us, then? And what terms will these people drag through their manure and soil next?

I chose this profession because I like to help people in need. It is a pacifist profession characterised by charity. In return, I can expect a lot of concentrated hatred. What kind of freedom is it where I have to be afraid of radicalised people who torpedo scientific knowledge with made-up stories from the internet? They prefer to be misled by their masters. Demagogues who still dare to ask their misled sheep for donations. But who only makes money from people’s misery and tells them every new lie in return? Hate flows so easily into the keyboard

They infect people with their fear. Those who fall into their trap often only realise late what a mistake they are making. Some don’t even realise it and deny to the last that the Coronavirus exists. On the internet, hatred flows so easily into the keyboard. Everything can come out, all the frustration, the concentrated anger. I am not forcing you to read this. Go to your Telegram groups and spin your life until it suits you.  The main thing is that you go. I don’t want to read your confused theories anymore – and I’m not alone in that.

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